Flare line Service

DIRECTION GOALS tubular running services for Flare line torquing services facilitate a safe and efficient running of flare line, minimizing well site risk and reducing nonproductive time. Leverage our tubular running expertise and innovative technologies to enhance the safety and efficiency of your well site operations. This system ensures efficient and effective Flare Line make up service.

Using DIRECTION GOALS Flare Line integrated Equipment (Power Tongs) will give the advantage of:

    • Using Direction goals innovative design will cease using the crane for lifting and suspending the power tong:
      • Avoid overhead operations, decreasing risk level.
      • Save crane time for another operation.
      • Save client cost.
      • The system ensures better alignment for the pipes and increases the stabbing efficiency and pipe life time, which will reduce the cost of changing damaged pipes.
      • Avoid miscommunication between crane operators and flare line crew.
    • The new system gives an advantage of avoiding hand injury and stuck in between the pipes while using human to align and stab the pipe during the make-up/break-out.
    • Save operations time for making up or breaking out flare line over using the manual wrench or using the Power Tong that suspended by a crane.
    • Safe operation and low risk compared to pipe wrench or crane suspended power tong operations.
    • Direction goals equipment are covering torque requirements for all pipe sizes from 2-3/8” to 5-1/2”.
    • The system ensures torque monitoring while making up the pipes using a built-in pressure gauge and torque gauge system.